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Father and Son Tournaments was founded by Robert Marra, Paul Paulsen and Terry Cole in 2016.  These three individuals have decades of experience serving the community of Bridgeport, WV, managing youth teams, founding travel teams, running local leagues, hosting private tournaments, and hosting WV District and WV State Little League Tournaments. 
Our vision is to provide a top notch facility for highly competitive tournaments with a family atmosphere.  We are looking for teams and coaches that respect the game, their opponent and game officials.   We want to see kids competing hard to win the game but afterwards show extraordinary sportsmanship by hanging out on the playground, laughing and exchanging text messages.
Our goal is to establish a family oriented atmosphere and treat each individual like a family member.  We are looking for teams that love the game, love to compete but also respect the game and their opponent like a family member.    
Our desire is that each person leave the tournament with a life- long memory such as a father-son playing catch in the back yard.  As we grow older and our sons have kids of their own, our ultimate desire is that they can reflect back on the experiences they had with their father at our tournament and their life long memories are passed down from generation to generation.

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